Need Soft Hides!
Techton icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain Filtering Feathers
Next quest in the chain Toys (?) for Kids
Start NPC Techthon
End NPC Techthon
Requirements Must be on the quest Learning Higher Processing Skills


Heidel's Blacksmith Techthon asked you to obtain Soft Hides for his work.

  1. Hunt Foxes
  2. Get Fox Hides by tanning.
  3. Process Fox Hides using Drying to make Soft Hide (1 Soft Hide requires 5 Fox Hides, you can use Deer Hide or Sheep Hide instead of Fox Hide).
  4. Give Techthon 3 Soft Hides.[1]

Quest text


Angry. I'm getting angry! Why? It's so trivial I can't even say. The guys who supply me with the materials are getting lazy and being tardy! I have to work my ass off to repay my debt to the Lord. That's why I can't rest even for a second. Hey you! Will you help me? If you do, I'll teach you a new skill! What I need right now is some Soft Hide. You can get it by drying Fox Hides!

You're lazy, too? Hurry up!





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