The Nagas are a race of bipedal, snake-like and water-friendy Demihumans. They have a long enmity with the Fogans.


The Nagas had a flourishing civilization back when the Ancients lived, before humankind appeared.[1] They're one of the few races that know about the language of the Ancients and their secrets.[2][3]

Decades ago the Nagas lived in a valley situated in southeastern Valencia. The disaster of the year 264 changed this. One day a ferocious race of frog-like creatures called Fogans appeared and invaded their home. The Nagas lost the war and retreated to their sacred grounds in Atumach where a once grand temple was erected in the distant past.

Even after leaving their home behind the tribe continued to suffer greatly. The rapid desertification brought sever food shortages. The Nagas, having settled in an already desertified area, were forced to search for a new home. A sizeable portion of the race started emigrating to the west. They ended up in the swamps of Serendia, an ideal land for them.

Sadly, not long after they had settled the Fogans appeared in Serendia too. They had been forced to emigrate too and either coincidence or destiny had them clashing again. Both races once again resumed their neverending war for a home.[4]

Nowadays the part of the tribe living in their temple in the desert spy on the Fogans and prepare an invasion on human settlements like villages, oasis and the Sand Grain Bazaar, stocking up on weapons and food.[5][6] The part that migrated to Serendia isn't much better. They're losing all the swamplands to the Fogans and have recently began to encroach on villages and spying on Heidel. Some are so desperate that they tried harnessing the power of artifacts of the Ancients.


The race lives in the ruins of their ancient civilization in Atumach and the swamplands of the southern half of Serendia.

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