Mount Equipment are items a mount like horse, donkey, camel or elephant can wear to change its stats or properties as well as looks. Some items can be equipped by any mount type while others are specific for a certain species.

Usually donkey and horses can wear the same equipment. Horse/donkeys and camel can share some equipment as well.

Mount information

Mounts have 5 slots for functional equipment (bottom left) and 4 slots for purely decorative equipment (bottom right). F3 opens the Mount Information window of a mount you own (!) that is standing idle without you sitting on it.

Clicking the yellow filled circle makes an item visible or hides it.

Horse equipment will degrade in durability; you can check durability by checking Mount Information and repair them at a blacksmith.

The 5 functional equipment types are:

1) Barding: Increase the horse's DP

2) Saddle: Increases the horse's max HP, stamina and turn rate.

3) Stirrups: Increases the horse's evasion and braking. Allows mounted combat.

4) Head/Champron: Increases the horse's max HP and acceleration.

5) Horseshoes: Increases the horse's movement speed.

Options of Mount Equipment

Head Equipment

Name Source Effect Looks Species
Steel Fighting Spirit Champron Spirit Adventure 1.65 LT Weight

100 Durability

Movement Speed -1%

Max HP +180

Acceleration +1.5%

Can be Dyed

Can be enhanced with Black Stone (Armor)

Horsearmor steel champron
Horse, Donkey, Camel
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