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Eileen says the revengeful spirits who were unfairly slain by the hand of Bartali III need to be consoled in order for Emma to get over the nightmare. She asked you to get to the top of Cron Castle and hold the service for the dead.[1]

Quest text[]


Okay, hand me that book now. Hmm... Ahh... I see. Then, can you tell me the story about that ghost? Oh... So what happened? Ah... I see. How pitiful... Phew, I've gotta get myself together. Hang on a second. The ingredients are ready. Now, just adjust the proportions, and... Done! It's done. Please sprinkle this elixir on the highest point of Cron Castle. That should console the tortured souls to some degree.

Powerful wicked thoughts... can be quite scary. I heard that there was a witch with very strong wicked thoughts in Mediah.


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