Materials for Equipment Repair
Ornella icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain Learning Higher Processing Skills
Next quest in the chain Pure Water for an Experiment
Start NPC Ornella
End NPC Ornella
Requirements Must be on the quest Learning Higher Processing Skills


Ornella asked you to bring 2 Polished Stone for weapon repair.

  1. Get 20 Rough Stone by mining.
  2. Choose Grinding from the Processing window ("L" key opens the Processing window) and make 20 Rough Stones into 2 Polished Stones. (1 Polished Stone requires 10 Rough Stones.)
  3. Give 2 Polished Stones to Ornella.[1]

Quest text


I feel sorry for the soldiers in Heidel. Orcs, Bandits, and other monsters... it's a mess. I have a lot of work thanks to them. I have to quickly fix any of their equipment. The problem is the lack of materials, as always. I can only buy so much of them. Can you bring me some materials? If you do, I'll teach you a new skill.

You can process Rough Stones to make a Polished Stone. You'll need a lot of them.





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