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Masked Pumpkin Ghost
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Region Calpheon
Location on map:
Level 36
Health 863
Magical power (MP) Attacks with fire
Defense (DP) 300
Damage reduction 10
Evasion 290
Rewards when killed
XP 14,707
Skill XP 5,527
Karma 40
Knowledge unlock chance 10%

This page is for the Mob. See Masked Pumpkin Ghost (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

A creature wearing a pumpkin on its head. Some say these are actually ugly mutant Imps who just want to hide their faces. They usually look like normal pumpkins, with only their heads sticking up from the ground. This is for shock value when they spring up to attack enemies that come near.[1]

Spawn interval: 2:00 - 22:00



Item Drop chance
Rebar Helmet icon
Luck Helmet of Fortuna 5%
Shattered Helmet icon
1~2x Shattered Helmet 80%
Strength Helmet of Heve icon
Strength Helmet of Heve 3%
Black Stone (Armor) icon
Black Stone (Armor) 39%


Masked Pumpkin Ghost is an item in Black Desert Online.


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