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The Mask Owls are a Barbarian[1] race and tribe[2] of owl-like humanoids that inhabit the Mask Owl's Forest north of Florin.


Some time ago Valentine, Chief of Florin, decided to forsake the timber industry and preserve the forest because he valued the peace with the Mask Owls higher than the economic profit from the timber. Thanks to his wisdom, the people of Florin was able to pass through this forest to trade herbs with Balenos unharmed.[3]

However, recently they became suddenly ferocious, even to the people of Florin, and the reason is still unknown.[4]

It seems it all started with a clash in Florin. One day they broke into the town.[5]


They're only found inside their forest north of Florin.

Tribes & Groups[]

Mask Owl Forest[]


  • People in the past were largely ignorant of the presence of the Mask Owls in the forest.[6]