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Mask Owl
Mask Owl
Race Mask Owl
Region Calpheon
Location Mask Owl Forest
Location on map:
Level 39
Health 1,886
Defense (DP) 327
Damage reduction 10
Evasion 317
Rewards when killed
XP 110,226
Skill XP 23,406
Karma 60
Knowledge unlock chance 7%

This page is for the Mob. See Mask Owl (Knowledge) for the knowledge or Mask Owl (Race) for the race.

An owl with two big spots at the end of its huge beak.The beak and the two spots look like a face and eyes at a glance, but its eyes are on the end of its beak and because of that, it is called a Mask Owl. It is classified as a member of the owl family, however it uses tools and walks around the ground unlike any other owl.[1][2]


Item Drop chance
Lustrous Feather icon
1~2x Lustrous Feather 80%
Kalis Ring icon
Kalis Ring 2%
Trace of Forest icon
Trace of Forest 1%
Yuria Ring icon
Yuria Ring 0.7%
Black Stone (Armor) icon
Black Stone (Armor) 0.065%