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Marni's Experiment Journal
Marni's Experiment Journal
Type General
Weight 1.05 Weight
Buy price 3,500 Silver
Sell price 350 Silver

A journal containing records about Marni's failed experiments.[1]

How to obtain[]

Can be dropped by all "Mad Screaming" monsters in Marni's Lab:

Item Drop chance
Mad Screaming Harpy 1%
Mad Screaming Orc Warrior 1%
Mad Screaming Orc Wizard 1.25%
Orc Test Subject 1.5%~90%

Sell or exchange[]

Item Price NPC
Trade Item Exchange Coupon icon
Trade Item Exchange Coupon 1 Marni's Experiment Journal

Note: Must have a Trade Item Exchange Coupon to receive one.

Bahar, Luke, Siuta, Larc, Harden, Wolfgang, Melanis, Hamir, Olivino, Grolin, Rikta, Triee, Lolly, Quina, Borum, Kesir, Baum, & Chakra


Marni's Experiment Journal is an item in Black Desert Online.


A journal containing records about Marni's failed experiments.


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