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MP Potion (Small)
MP Potion (Small)
Type Consumable
Subtype Potion
Weight 0.40 Weight
Buy price 80 Silver
Sell price 24 Silver
Unique effect Recovers 125 MP
Duration Instant
Cooldown 6 sec.


Ordinary potion.[1]

How to obtain[]

It can be obtained through quests and bought from general goods and alchemy vendors.

Lara in Heidel City can exchange 2 MP Potion (Beginner) to 1 MP Potion (Small).

Sold by[]

Name Location
Akan icon
Akan [2] Olvia
Bionier icon
Bionier [3] Olvia
Julietta icon
Julietta [4] Olvia
Hessenvale icon
Hessenvale [5] Western Guard Camp
Clorince icon
Clorince [6] Velia
Eileen icon
Eileen [7] Velia
Lillia icon
Lillia [8] Iliya Island
Caresto Fonti icon
Caresto Fonti [9] Northern Guard Camp
Lara icon
Lara [10] Heidel City
Karin icon
Karin [11] Alejandro Farm
Etunar icon
Etunar [12] Biraghi Den
Mernuah icon
Mernuah [13] By the bridge south of Biraghi Den
Ruben icon
Ruben [14] Castle Ruins
Maul icon
Maul [15] Southern Guard Camp
Delfinio icon
Delfinio [16] Serendia Shrine
Annalynn icon
Annalynn [17] Bloody Monastery
Seilane icon
Seilane [18] Glish
Moniku icon
Moniku [19] Southwestern Gateway
Sara icon
Sara [20] Southern Neutral Zone
Meldor icon
Meldor [21] Watchtower
Orc Hunter Brodie icon
Orc Hunter Brodie [22] Orc Camp
Laodum icon
Laodum [23] Bradie Fortress
Lonely Palieva icon
Lonely Palieva [24] Aakman Temple
Bert icon
Bert [25] Hystria Ruins
Hazelnut icon
Hazelnut [26] Kuit Islands


MP Potion (Small) can be used in Processing.


(See individual product pages for possible other materials/ingredients needed.)

Product Amount Required Crafting Method Skill Required
MP Potion (Medium) icon
MP Potion (Medium) 3x MP Potion (Small) Simple Alchemy (Processing) Beginner (1)[27]


MP Potion (Small) is an item in Black Desert Online.


An ordinary MP potion.

- Usage: Recover MP/WP/SP or craft MP Potion (Medium)

- Effects
Recover 125 MP/WP/SP

- Duration: Instant
- Cooldown: 6 sec

- Crafting Method: Processing - Simple Alchemy

- Crafting Materials:MP Potion (Small) x3

- How to Obtain: Purchase from a General Goods Vendor


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