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MP Potion (Beginner)
MP Potion (Beginner)
Type Consumable
Subtype Potion
Weight 0.25 Weight
Buy price 25 Silver
Bound to Character
Unique effect Recovers 50 MP
Duration Instant
Cooldown 6 sec.


Potion for rookies.[1]

How to obtain[]

Available from level 1 to 20. It can be obtained through quests and bought from general goods and alchemy vendors.

Sold by[]

Name Location
Akan icon
Akan [2] Olvia
Bionier icon
Bionier [3] Olvia
Julietta icon
Julietta [4] Olvia
Hessenvale icon
Hessenvale [5] Western Guard Camp
Incas icon
Incas [6] Altar of Agris
Andrei icon
Andrei [7] Coastal Cliff
Character knowledge icon
Kina [8] Toscani Farm or Marino Farm
Clorince icon
Clorince [9] Velia
Eileen icon
Eileen [10] Velia
Lani icon
Lani [11] On the roads just east of Velia
Lillia icon
Lillia [12] Iliya Island


Lara in Heidel City can exchange 2 MP Potion (Beginner) for a MP Potion (Small).


MP Potion (Beginner) is an item in Black Desert Online.


Potion for rookies.


MP/WP/SP +50

- Duration: Instant- Cooldown: 6 sec


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