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Low-level armor blessed by Fortuna, the goddess of luck. It is also a food of fairy for Bright Laila.

This item is part of an armor set (from top to bottom):

How to obtain[]

Dropped by:

Icon Name Chance
Wandering Rogue 2%
Red Foot Assassin 15%
Saunil Elder 5%
Troll Shaman 1%
Crazy Jack 15%
Deck Elite Combatant 15%
Wizard Possessed by Black Spirit 5%

Sold by:

You can purchase Luck Armor of Fortuna from the following NPCs:

Other versions of armor[]

  • Ultimate Luck Armor of Fortuna
  • Agility Luck of Fortuna
  • Intimidation Luck Armor of Fortuna
  • Iron Wall Luck Armor of Fortuna