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Lore is described as:

  1. All the facts and traditions about a particular subject that have been accumulated over time through education or experience.
  2. The backstory created around a fictional universe.[1]

Here we, as do many other wikis about videogames and their fictional universes, stick with the second use of the word.


Words that are commonly used alongside lore are canon and retcon. While retcon has its own page that explains its meaning, use and place in this community, canon is defined as the lore that is considered authentic.

Canon lore is therefore the true, official information about the game world given by the developers. As opposed to, for example, a text written by a fan.

It can be conflicted. There can be two sources given by the game developers saying two different, opposite and irreconcilable things about the same topic.

Major sections[]

Wiki Policy towards conflicting sources[]

  • The purpose of a wiki is not to determine what's canon in a fictional universe.
  • If some sources conflict with one another, all of them must be written and explained.
  • The source agreed by the lore community (BDO wikia users and other groups among the fanbase that treat with lore) to be the current representation of an event, location or character, should be the one written inside its proper page.
    • The criteria for this should follow logical observations like: order of release of the information, number of other pages detailing events or characters tied to that information, how recurrent one version or the other is mentioned in new texts, etc.
  • The other source or sources need to be written below, if they do not conflict entirely, with a note in the references section about the conflicting part.
  • As part of trivia & notes if they conflict entirely with the agreed information.
  • Or inside a page of their own, listing all the conflicting sources if there are enough.


Regardless of agreed information all lore sources must be cited, be it with English sources or, if it does not exist in our version of the game or the information was mentioned by the devs in a real life event, a fan-translated Korean source linked to the original Korean page or event.

Lore Speculation[]

Speculation, information written to make sense in the gaps of canon sources, must be kept separated and well indicated. In its own section at the bottom of a page (before References) or on its own page.