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Kunoichis use sword, martial arts, and Ninjutsu. Their swarm of attacks consists of swift movement, smoke shells, and unique skills such as hiding and pulling the enemy into the middle of total chaos. With proper control, a Kunoichi can flip the battle by discreetly raiding important figures. After Awakening, they can use the Sah Chakram to attack their enemies before they even realize what hit them.

They are the female counterpart of the Ninja.

Play Style[]

This class relies on quick successive combos and dodging skills and is classified with a high difficultly learning curve. Despite this, the level progression creates an easy learning curve with PvE. The most notable moves of this class is the use of aerial attacks to jump foes from behind or to acrobatically get out of the way.



The assassin from the shadows.

  • Main/Sub-weapon: Shortsword/Shuriken, Kunai
  • Combat Style: Melee

Kunoichi uses the shortsword as her main weapon and can choose between kunai or shuriken for sub-weapons. She is an assassin class that strikes fear into her enemies, although she is not one to lie in wait for a perfect one-shot kill. She'll make full use of her Kunai to keep enemies at bay and block attacks, and can go into stealth to look for an opening. At the right moment she can close in and deal an immense amount of damage. It can be difficult finding the right time to go in with Kunoichi, but once she begins her assault she does not stop till her target drops.


I'll make them pay for what they've done. I will never stop until crimson blood covers them all.

  • Awakening Weapon: Sak Chakram
  • Combat Style: Melee

The awakened Kunoichi wields a crescent moon shaped weapon, the sak chakram. She can use it to slash, strike, and throw, among various other techniques, yet her self-buff effects may not last as long as other classes. While her sak chakram needs to be wielded with both hands, she can efficiently eviscerate her enemies regardless. With a wide range of capability, anyone able to master how she closes in on the enemy can potentially deal more damage than any other class.


The zen executioner overcomes her thirst for revenge.

  • Succession Weapon: Shortsword, Shuriken/Kunai
  • Combat Style: Melee

The Kunoichi who chooses Succession wields the shortsword, and shuriken or kunai, once more to topple her foes. Having tamed her rage for the tragic fate of her family deep within her heart, the Kunoichi has removed all emotion from her blade. With even bolder movements and sneaking skills, the Kunoichi specializes in ambushing her opponents with critical strikes. If she can remain cool-headed in the chaotic battlefield, her nimble movements alone make her a huge threat to her foes.


Crimson Sah Chakram[]

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A group of big men that appear chiseled from granite are riding horses through a vast, barren land where the wind settles after travelling through a long valley. The most impressive of the bunch shouts at the top of his lungs, "Run, Ichi, Run!" Ichi, lazing on a rock, is suddenly startled and falls to the ground.

It's just another day for Ichi and her father, the chief of the Oeki Clan in Ryuta's southeastern region. Her father is always keen on correcting his daughter's slothful ways. The Ryuta region mostly consists of barren lands, and people usually survive off hunting and gathering while leading communal lives. For the Oeki Clan, "Protect yourself" is the chief motto.

The Oeki usually use light weapons such as Shortswords and kunai, but their level of training has been elevated as a result of the recent territorial conflict with the Sonan Clan from across the Turina River. The Oeki chief had always tried to maintain a friendly relationship with them, but to no avail. This will soon be a grave concern for Ichi, too, since she is supposed to inherit the chiefdom. She is smart, talented in many ways, and compassionate, just like a chief's daughter should be.[1]

Drought came to the Ryuta region one scorching summer. Just as everyone was about to collapse in exhaustion from the drought, Ichi felt a drop of water hit her nose. It was just a drop, but rain to be sure. Excited, Ichi mounted her horse and galloped to the Turina River in no time.

When she stopped by the riverbank to rest, she discovered a woman who had fainted on the other side of the river. Ichi put the woman on her horse and ran to the town. The woman was on the verge of unconsciousness, but the Oeki Clan's care and treatment worked wonders. After waking up, the woman confessed that she was from the Sonan Clan, which embarrassed and upset everyone around her, including the chief. Ichi begged and begged her father to accept her, and the Oeki Clan finally decided to take the Sonan woman in.

After fully recovering, the Sonan woman woke Ichi up one night, saying she wanted to show Ichi something. What she brought with her was a traditional Sonan weapon. It was shaped like a gigantic ring big enough to cover one's entire body, and was sharply bladed on one side. The weapon's name was Sah Chakram. Ichi told the Sonan woman that the Sah Chakram reminded her of the gleaming moon, which caused the woman great joy.

The woman explained that the circular shape of the Sah Chakram symbolized acceptance of all things and that for everything the beginning and the ending are the same. Of course, Ichi was too young to comprehend all that, but there was something about it that made her deeply compelled to learn the art of the Sah Chakram.[2]

Tragedy struck when Ichi just got used to handling the Sah Chakram. The Sonan Clan found the refugee woman, and she knew she had nowhere else to run. After agonizing long and hard, the woman sent a message to her own clan, stating that she was willing to help them infiltrate and destroy the Oeki Clan at once, as long as she would be set free afterward.

While Ichi was asleep, the village burned. Chaos reigned as people ran through the camp in a panic and the sounds of weapons clashed in the night. After awakening, Ichi too was forced to fight with nothing more than a Shortsword she picked up from the ground. No one was able to fight with their full might because the Sonan woman had poured a mysterious substance in the well. The enormous power of the Sah Chakram would also be the Oeki's undoing.

The Sonans had been unable to conquer the Oeki before because they were always outnumbered. But this time was different. The Oeki clan was eradicated, save for a few prisoners of war. After managing to flee into the forest, Ichi shed bloodstained tears. After days of crying she sat up, eyes as wide as the full moon. At that moment she swore she'd survive the ordeal. She then returned to her village, only to witness a terrible scene. Amidst a pile of dead bodies, she managed to find a Sah Chakram the Sonans had left behind. She felt a mixture of profound sadness and rage.

Ichi searched for the traitor, but it seemed the Sonan woman had already fled the Ryuta region. Ichi softly uttered a vow to her dead father at the foot of his grave: "With this Sah Chakram, I'll make them pay for what they've done. I won't rest until the moon turns pale and all else is covered in the Crimson of blood."[3]


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Active Skills[]


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 0923 1
Wind Slash Perform a basic attack on enemies with your blazingly fast hand techniques.
Pnw skill 1650 1
Fatal Wind Add the sharpness of strong wind to the blade to perform a fatal attack.
Pnw skill 0949 1
Fatal Blow Stab the enemy's vitals to cause lethal damage.
Pnw skill 0975 1
Kunai Stab
Pnw skill 0952 1
Fatal Blow Combo
Pnw skill 0972 1
Crescent Slash
Pnw skill 1662 1
Pnw skill 0991 1
Pnw skill 0958 1
Fox Claw
Pnw skill 0985 1
Pnw skill 0999 1
Tendon Trimming


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 0941 1
Pnw skill 0943 1
Pnw skill 0966 1
Ankle Slash


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 0921 1
Pnw skill 0945 1
Pnw skill 0696 1


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 0980 1
Pnw skill 0700 1
Ninjutsu: Wood
Pnw skill 0922 1
Pnw skill 0977 1
Heart Stab


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 0933 1
Shuriken Throw
Pnw skill 0693 1
Shuriken Paralysis
Pnw skill 0936 1
Moving Shuriken Throw
Pnw skill 0937 1
Ninja Star Throw
Pnw skill 0690 1
Ninja Star Poison
Pnw skill 0940 1
Moving Ninja Star Throw
Pnw skill 1654 1
Pnw skill 0953 1


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 0971 1
Pnw skill 1626 1


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 1668 1
Pnw skill 0918 1
Pnw skill 0915 1
Pnw skill 0962 1
Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp 1
Pnw skill 0988 1
Pnw skill 0701 1
Pnw skill 0946 1


Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 1659 1
Calm Spirit


Calm the spirit to recover energy. Immediate Energy Recovery on use +100 Immediate Energy Recovery on use +200

Passive Skills[]

Icon Name Description Min Stats Max Stats
Pnw skill 1649 1
Dazzling Blade Using your blade to dazzle enemies, it increases attack speed by 10%. N/A N/A
Pnw skill 1629 1
Assassination Training Train your body to use more sophisticated attacks.
  • Avoidance +1
  • Melee +1
  • Accuracy +0.25%
  • Avoidance +10
  • Melee + 10
  • Accuracy +2.5%
Common skill 1702 1
Infinite Skill
  • Max Vitality +100
  • Max Vitality + 500
  • Max Health +200
  • Accuracy +2%