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This page is for the faction. Valencia is also used as the name for a territory and a city.

The Kingdom of Valencia is a faction in the world of Black Desert. It claims ownership of the whole Valencia region and it's ruled by Sahazad Nesser, 6th king and current head of the Nesser royal family.

The kingdom has been in a bloody conflict with Calpheon for a long time.


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Culture & People[]

The official and only religion permitted is Aalism.

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The Kingdom of Valencia is de jure the only faction in control of its claimed territory. In truth, being the region the desert it is, the kingdom finds it difficult to reach out to every corner of it.

The areas under control of the state are mainly the gateways and main road from Mediah in the west to the true entrance to the desert, the Barhan Gateway, in the east; the final stop before entering the inner desert, the Sand Grain Bazaar; and the eastern part of the region: the capital city, the seaside port town of Arehaza in the eastern coast and the trade port of Ancado in the north, alongside the various oasis and sanctums found in the desert.

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  • House of Nesser
  • Muremo
  • Katan Military/Army
  • Oberin Merchants League
  • Lavania Merchants League
  • Harnan League [1]
  • Old Moon Guild
  • Zahad Guild
  • Alrun Guild[2]

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Notes & Trivia[]

  • While the official war between Calpheon and Valencia ended a few years ago, the conflict is still ongoing as there are battles between the army of the Red Desert (Valencia) and the Black Desert (Calpheon) for the dominance over the desert's most valuable resource: Black Stones. This battle is depicted in the game as a recurring PvP event.

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