The Kingdom of Haso is the faction that presumably claims and controls a continent or part of it also named Haso.


Flag of Haso.

The kingdom has closed its doors.

Work in progress.

Culture & People

People have martial artists in high regard.

The government seems to designate a Sibyl, some mix between a political and religious office, as the caretaker of towns. It is a common practice and etiquette in Haso to seek out and say hello to the Sibyl of the town you are visiting.[1]

Work in progress.


The only known, named and accessible territory is the southeastern coastal town of Port Ratt.

It's said Baltan is the roughest part of Haso.[2]


Notes & Trivia

  • The kingdom considers the Ancient ruins in its coast invaluable historical artifact.[4]
  • It's inspired by the real life far eastern cultures.

Work in progress.


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