Civilized Khuruto in Mediah.

Argued by many scholars to be mutated Imps, Khurutos are a race of humanoids with generally brown skin tones. Their appearance varies wildly. From short to tall, from stubby to thin.

The bulk of the species has settled in Calpheon, developing their own culture under the leadership of the great Chief Kelcas. Some Khurutos, however, have rejected Kelcas’ leadership and have even joined Human society. However, there remain only a few Khurutos who can speak the Human language.[1]


One of the races that migrated to the west in search of a better home after disaster struck, some Khurutos first established themselves in the land of Mediah together with other species of barbarians. The bulk of the tribe kept traveling until they decided to settle in the lush forests of Dandelion, on the northeast side of the Calpheon region.

Since then they've been warring against Calpheon's forces.


They primarily live in Old Dandelion, around the cave where their chief resides. The ones who stayed on Mediah live predominantly in the Abandoned Iron Mine together with other barbarian races.

Those who joined Human society live almost exclusively around Mediah and Valencia, with few of them in Calpheon.

Tribes & Groups

Kelcas' tribe

Structures and items

Abandoned Iron Mine


  • According to a book the Khuruto become drunk when smelling the burning or boiling of Sunrise Herb.[2]
  • They, as a tribe, boast manpower numbers as large as major knights orders.[3]
  • The Khurutos really, really love food, specially water buffalo meat.[4][5][6]



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