Khimut Lumber Camp
Khimut Lumber Camp
Node type Connection
Node manager Karl Verdun
Region Drieghan
Required contribution points 2
Location on world map:
Drieghan Khimut Lumber Camp

It is only recent that one can hear the sound of sawing in Drieghan's Khimut Great Forest, which has been underdeveloped for many years.

Karl Verdun, who was a lumberer in Glish, was captivated by the Great Forest and established a lumber camp after signing a lumbering contract with Drieghan, who could not pursue this business due to the lack of manpower.

Some of the timber logged in Khimut Lumber Camp belongs to Drieghan, but most of it belongs to Karl Verdun and Serendia.[1]

Node Production

Forest - 5 CP

Forest - 5 CP

Connecting Nodes


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