Type City
Region Calpheon
Government Hereditary monarchy / Vassal state
Rulers Marco Faust
Faiths Elionism
Affiliation Republic of Calpheon
Location on world map:
Southern Calpheon Keplan

Keplan was once a flourishing mining city and state, but its annexation to Calpheon brought many changes. It remains a primary source of ore for Calpheon but lately its production rate has been decreasing and strange rumors are circulating among the workers.[1]


Keplan was the capital of the Kingdom of Keplan headed by the House of Faust.

Roughly around the year 235 of the Elionian Calendar the Black Death struck Keplan. Shortly after, the city along with Olvia and Heidel, entered a military alliance headed by Calpheon to wage war against Valencia, the country that was deemed the cause of the plague. In the following decades King Marco Faust ordered overly expensive military expeditions to assist Calpheon.

In the year 267 the city suffered from the natural disasters that ravaged the world. Saunils and Giants began to encroach on its territory. The war with Valencia ended.

In 275 Keplan started trading with Valencia, which coveted Keplan's excellent ores.[2]

Around the same time, Black Stones deposits were discovered all around the region. Calpheon announced its wishes to obtain the stones, regardless of the cost. The next year, in 276, Keplan was betrayed and fell to Calpheonian forces.

Thenceforth the city and its territories are considered a part of Calpheon, then kingdom and afterwards republic, as a vassal state.[3]

Nowadays Keplan suffers from the Petrifying Disease, a plague that transforms people to stone. It's rumored that it comes from the mining of the Black Stones.

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