Karanda is the leader of the harpies that live in the Karanda Ridge.


Harpies are very social creatures and they choose the strongest female in a group to lead. They call this chosen one Karanda. Karanda’s are critical to the very continuity of harpies as a species because they are the sole females to incubate eggs. Some scholars argue this is because harpies hatched from the Karanda are more likely to have absolute loyalty to their leader, not only as subjects, but also as progeny.[1]

She appears in the summit of Karanda Ridge as a World Boss encounter.


For an unknown reason, Karanda leads her harpies in the invasion against the Delphe Knights at Delphe Knights Castle as per orders from Belmorn.

World Boss Battle

AP/DP Recommendation (unbuffed): 160+ (Range) 230+ (Melee)


  • HP: 96,670,789
  • Defense (DP): 650
  • Evasion: 600
  • Damage Reduction: 50
  • XP: 74,331,270
  • Skill XP: 9,147,168


  • Shriek (Basic Ranged Attack): Karanda's basic attack. Very large range. Projectile-based. Even if one outruns the range, if Karanda shot it when the player character was inside the range it will reach its target.
  • Wing Slash (Basic Melee Attack): Deals moderate damage. If the player character has aggro outranging her melee range she will switch to Shriek.
  • Harpy Horde: Karanda flies in a circle and summons harpies.

Ascend (AoE abilities)

She will start using her AoE abilities between ~90%-~80% repeating them every ~15%-~20%.

  • Ascend (Close Range AoE): This attack is initiated by her dropping on the ground following a jump and a fast ascending into the air. High damage, needs to be avoided.
  • Slow Ascend (Long Range AoE): This attack is initiated once Karanda slowly starts ascending into the air without any ground contact before. Please not that the maximum range of this attack is fairly huge. It is recommended you close in to her instead of trying to outrange her slow Ascend.[2]


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