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The Kamasylve is the holy tree that Goddess Sylvia left behind at the center of the forest that would later be known as Kamasylvia.

To the people of Kamasylvia, the Kamasylve is the source of all life and the medium of nature. It is a way of connecting with the goddess herself. Without Kamasylve, there is no Kamasylvia; it is that important.[1]

The Kamasylve Legend reads:

“In primordial times, before history was recorded, the holy tree stood rooted in the highest place in the forest. Goddess Sylvia descended together with spirits of nature and named the tree ‘Kamasylve’. The energy of the sun and moon begot the Ganelles and Vedirs, who received the blessing of verdure and the tooth fairy.”[2]


A few decades ago the tree almost died when the Black Spirits invaded the land of Kamasylvia and the Vedir named Josya Odore burned the essence of the holy tree to repel them. The Kamasylve then went to a deep slumber for many years, awakening only once to reprimand the elves for their feud over the Kamasylven swords made out of the tree's branches. The elves then gathered energy from the forests of Kamasylvia and beyond to reawaken it, and recently succeeded.


A branch taken from the holy tree Kamasylve contains the spirit of Kamasylve. If someone takes this branch trimming and plants it in the earth, they can grow a tree that also contains the spirit of Kamasylve. However, unlike the original tree it will stop growing after reaching a certain size. People in Kamasylvia take trimmings from the tree, plant it all over the region, and watch it grow in awe.

The Ahib took a branch from the Kamasylve when they fled southeast. The Ahib are using the trimmings to grow vines. The vines that the Ahib grow are weakening the power of Kamasylve.[3]

Only the guardians of Kamasylve are qualified to nurture young Kamasylves.[4] One of the more important young Kamasylves is situated in the Kamasylve Temple in Mediah.


  • There's at least 124 rules that the guardians need to follow to grow the young Kamasylves safe and sound.[5]