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Title Work Supervisor
Gender Female
Race Shai
Horoscope Sealing Stone
Location Olvia
Location on map:
Level 99
Grade D
Health 10,000
Magical power (MP) 1
Defense (DP) 10
Evasion 10

This page is for the NPC. See Kafu (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

Kafu icon
A member of the Vigilantes in Olvia, positioned as a manager of workers. She was strongly inspired when she saw Captain Cliff during his survey of Western Guard Camp. From that day onward she’s been going around acting like a captain.[1][2]


Quests Given

Name Conditions
A Hen on the Roof No requirements.

Items sold

Icon Name Price Conditions
Artisan Giant Worker (Olvia)
Artisan Goblin Worker (Olvia)
Artisan Human Worker (Olvia)
Giant Worker (Olvia)

Items exchanged

Name Requirements Conditions


Name Knowledge type How to obtain
Kafu Residents of Olvia Talk to Kafu for the first time.


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