Iris Canyon
Iris Canyon
Node type Connection
Node manager Hamar
Region Valencia
Required contribution points 1
Location on world map:
Valencia North Iris Canyon

It used to be a main source of stones and ores along with Kmach Canyon, but nobody comes to this place after the businesses closed.[1]

Iris Canyon is at the center of many archaeologists' attention, because many big trees are surviving its harsh soil and terrain.

One archaeologist argued that there used to be a gigantic whirlwind at the present-day Iris Canyon, and the whirlwind was formed by sucking up a lot of water from a huge hole in the center of the canyon. Severely eroded rocks and several huge holes around the canyon back up his argument.[2]

According to Rulupee from the Old Moon Guild the 3rd prince of Valencia, Manmehan Nesser, once visited the place.[3]

Node Production

Mushrooms - 3 CP

Forest - 3 CP

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