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In the Imperial Auction House there are auctions for rare, never-before seen items at certain times. Items auctioned off will go to the single Adventurer with the highest bid.

Items sold[]

Some of the items that have been auctioned have been Guild boss scrolls and a black pegasus.

Imperial Auction House Managers[]

IAH Managers location

Managers location[]

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System mechanics[]

  • When Imperial Auction House managers starts the Imperial Auction, an in-game system message will go out and Imperial Auction House NPCs will start accepting bids.
  • When the auction is underway, you will be able to see the Current Bid. While bidding is still open any Adventurer can place a higher bid, and the Current Bid value will change accordingly.
  • You can check the time remaining for bidding in the upper part of the Imperial Auction House window.
  • If a higher bid is placed a minute before the bidding was to end, bidding will be extended for an additional minute.
  • During that extra minute, if an even higher bid is placed, then the bidding will be extended for another minute. This will continue until there is no more change in the highest bidder for that item in the final minute.
  • You will not know who is the current highest bidder, and if you do not win the auction you will get back the money you pledged for your bid.
  • When the auctions closes and you have the winning bid, the money you pledged for the bid will be consumed and you can receive your new item from “My Bid List.”
  • If you lost the bid, you can get back the money you pledged for your bid from “My Bid List.”
  • Once the auction is open, it will stay open for 10 days. Please check future announcements via official channels for the schedule of each Imperial House Auction.[1]
  • You can access Imperial Auction Houses from any server. However, everyone will be bidding on the same, single item.

Imperial Auction House Manager interface[]

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