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Mine Imp

Mine Imp.

The Imps are a race of generally short humanoids with skin tones that vary from dark brown to light grey.


In the past they lived alongside Humans, often as laborers. The Balenos tribes got fed up of being ill-treated and turned against them under the leadership of the mighty Red Nose.[1]

The ones in Serendia's northern mines turned violent after starting to mine Black Stones.[2] Another group seized the area around the Wizard's Altar some 5 years ago and began attacking nearby farms.[3][4]


Imps live mainly all around Balenos, in northern Serendia and in southern Mediah.

Among the ones living in Balenos are the Steel Imps, a tribe that boast higher intelligence than the daft common Imp[5]. They live around the Altar of Agris and to the west of it. They displaced the native goblins.

The ones in Serendia are divided into two types. The Mine Imps that until recently were friendly and turned mad, and the Altar Imps that reside around the Wizard's Altar in the northwest of the region after seizing it in the recent past. Curiously, the Mine Imps have started to act the same way as the Altar Imps, carry the same weapons and building the same type of towers.[6]

The Mediah ones live alongside the other Barbarian tribes in the Abandoned Iron Mine.

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