Humans are one of the more, if not the most, populous race that inhabit the world. They vary wildly in shape, skin color and culture. Their occupational spectrum is diverse.[1]


The human civilizations arose thanks to the knowledge of the Ancients who once dominated a large part of the known world.

Over time Human tribes started to grow into states. The most well known were the Kingdom of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia in one continent and the Kingdom of Haso in another.

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Locations and factions

Humanity is found quite extensively all around the known world except for the territory of Kamasylvia.

The territories of Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon are claimed in its entirety as part of the Republic of Calpheon. While nowadays the republic is headed by a Demibeast, the majority of Kalis and the inhabitants of the state are, currently and historically, humans, as were in the now vassal Kingdom of Heidel and Keplan.

Mediah was a major human kingdom in the past. These days the republic claims the same territory and is still led by a human, but the state has become multiracial after the Barbarian invasions of 264-267.

The Kingdom of Valencia that claims control of the Valencia region is, for the most part, composed of humans and led by them.

As little as is known about the Kingdom of Haso and its lands, from the known characters the majority are humans. Almost all prominent characters from the lands of Haso, inside or outside the kingdom, are also human.

While not as advanced as other human countries, the diverse tribes that call Drieghan their home live together around the city of Duvencrune.


  • It's known that as far as 600 years ago humans traded by sea.[2]

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