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Housing in Black Desert gives you the option to spend contribution on buildings to use them for purposes such as:

  • A home to you can live in (possible for every house)
  • Storage to expand your bank in that city (possible only for some houses)
  • Lodging to house your workers (possible only for some houses)
  • A workshop for your workers (possible only for some houses)

The interior of houses is seamlessly instanced so you won't be forced to compete with other players for a location. When you interact with a door, you select whose property you want to enter and that is what you see when the door opens. But if you set a unit to "My House", you will get ranked by interior scores for the entire player base to see.

Purchase and Sale

You may access a city's housing grid from anywhere using the world map as long as you have visited the location once in person and gained the needed knowledge. All houses contain at least one unit which is available by purchase via contribution points. Some units can be upgraded (for example a lodging unit can be upgraded from accommodating two instead of only one worker). Units are often not immediately available but need a few minutes to be ready for move in once purchased or upgraded

Most houses typically have at least 3 available options for what type of unit they can be designated as. Every unit can be purchased as a player residence. You can repurpose one of your unit's types to another of the available choices in the unit for a cost of silver, and time to build the unit.

Some houses have several units to them which can be purchased for expansion in a defined order as they are part of a chain. Multiple units of one house can be of a different type. For example the initial unit can be designated as residence, the next unit in the chain can be storage and a third can be a workshop.

The status of a unit is indicated by its color:

  • houses/units available for purchase are colored blue
  • houses/units you own are colored white with a blue circle
  • houses/units you don't own and cannot access are colored grey

Once a house or unit is no longer wanted or needed, you can sell it to recover your contribution points but you will lose the silver invested into the unit.

You can only sell the last unit in each chain. E.g. if you have a chain of four units in a house and wish to sell the third unit in the chain then you must first sell the fourth unit before you can sell the third.

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