The House of Faust, or what is left of it, is the family that currently rules Keplan, then kingdom and now vassal state of the Republic of Calpheon. Its only member and head is Marco Faust, Lord of Keplan.


Little is known about the royal family of Keplan before its fall from grace. The only members known are Marco Faust and his daughter, Oze.

One day Oze fell in love with a miner, and knowing her father would never accept such a union, she disappeared into the quarries with her lover.

When the men of Marco Faust arrived to the house where they were staying at, they were nowhere to be found. The most common theory among the populace and the Lord himself is that her daughter and her lover were killed by the petrified creatures roaming the area.

Nowadays Lord Faust lives depressed, with no care in the world since he lost his only daughter. He caught the Petrifying Disease while in the search for her daughter, and some of the inhabitants of Keplan say the town will descend into chaos when the last member of the House of Faust dies.

List of known members of the royal family

Notes & Trivia

The name House of Faust does not appear in the game. It's made following common nomenclature on royal families.

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