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Horse racing is a mode, where adventurers can take part in ranked matches in specific racing arenas around the Black Desert world. At first glance, you might believe the the speed of a horse will determine the winner, but there are many more factors to consider when vying for the title of champion. Having the proper horse equipment, skill and making sure you know the lay of the land will all help to ensure your success.


Horse racing has no level requirements, and each race is divided by Tier. To register, make sure you are in one of the top two Channels of each server (Velia 1, Velia 2), and you are not in a party, then select the information button below your horse icon to open the registration window.

 The registration window will show you more detailed information about the next race like:

  • How many players have registered (Up to a maximum of 20 per race)
  • The time remaining until registration ends and the race begins
  • The horse Tier requirement for the race

 As long as your horse meets the requirements, you will be able to register or unregister from this window, and once the race begins, you will be automatically teleported to the start position.

You cannot be in a party, when attempting to register. Once registered, you cannot change channels.

Participation & Rules[]

You may not dismount, once the race has begun. While racing you cannot talk to NPC’s, join a party, or PvP.

Once the race has begun, a navigation line will appear, which will guide you to the finish line.

Though you are not required to stay on the track, and can save time by cutting cross country, you must hit each of the checkpoints along the way.  

A timer at the top of your screen will also show you how long you have been in the race.   The finish line is a floating blue circle, and once you have crossed it, your ranking and time it took you to complete the race will be displayed on your screen. Your ranking in the race will help determine how many Horse Race Seals you get, which can be turned in for rewards.