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Horn Chimera
Horn Chimera
Region Calpheon
Location Marni's Lab
Location on map:
Level 44
Health 1,168
Defense (DP) 377
Damage reduction 10
Evasion 367
Rewards when killed
XP 176,983
Skill XP 49,442
Karma 70
Knowledge unlock chance 2.50%

This page is for the Mob. See Horn Chimera (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

A horrible-looking Chimera, a by-product of a failed experiment by a lunatic scientist. It has no lower body and its head is adorned with a bizarre horn. It seems the result of countless animal experiments.[1][2]


Item Drop chance
Cursed Horn icon
3x Cursed Horn 80%
Shimmering Green Liquid icon
3x Shimmering Green Liquid 65%
Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power icon
Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power 2%
Trace of Death icon
Trace of Death 2%
Black Stone (Weapon) icon
Black Stone (Weapon) 0.39%
Bares Necklace icon
Bares Necklace 0.3%


Horn Chimera is an item in Black Desert Online.


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