Helping With the Pumpkin Harvest
Amadeo Alejandro icon
Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain Bustling Alejandro Farm
Next quest in the chain A Threatening Scarecrow!
Start NPC Amadeo Alejandro
End NPC Amadeo Alejandro
Requirements Completed Bustling Alejandro Farm or have Gathering Beginner (10)


Alejandro’s a having hard time harvesting Pumpkins because of the Pumpkin Ghosts occupying the field. Fight the Pumpkin Ghosts and pick 5 Pumpkins at the farm.[1]

Quest text


I don't even know where they came from. I mean, the Pumpkin Ghosts. They're trouble. They started appearing at the farm at some point, and the workers are so scared that they can't harvest at all. If you don't mind, can you pick some Pumpkins? If I leave them sitting there like that, they'll all rot.

Watch out for the Pumpkin Ghosts.


Give Pumpkin icon 5 Pumpkins to Amadeo Alejandro.



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