Belon, a friendly Helm.

The Helms, also called the Helm tribe,[1] are a Barbarian group that inhabit Helms Post.


They are a tribe native to Mediah. They usually aren’t particularly friendly to outsiders. It is said that they used to be Dwarves who lived in South Drieghan. Some suspect the reason they travelled north is because of some internal conflict within the tribe, but only those of the Helm tribe know the truth and they really dislike outsiders.[2][3]

The Helms were a docile people, but after Dorin Morgrim, Barattan Lancer or both started making equipment for them, a seed of greed was planted in the Helms' minds and they became highly aggressive to all outsiders.[4]

While according to Bolero of the Shroud Knights, the Helms acted like they wanted peace after the initial incidents, the tribe is training an elite force deep inside the mountain, preparing for war.[5]

The merchants and farmers of the region have already suffered losses to them.[6]


The Helms were a very primitive people. They didn't even have their own writing system. They were also quite docile and wouldn't attack first unless their territory was invaded. They were also said to be quite naive.[7]
After the arrival of Dorin Morgrim and his weapons the Helms changed into a greedy tribe that started to fight the Humans.[8]

Suna Lise says about them:
They have low level of knowledge... Without any culture... Uncivilized tribe...[9]

Some Helms have begun to absorb black energy. The stronger ones weren't satisfied and began to dabble in the Ancient Power as well.
They ignorantly reconfigure remains of the ancient ruins and transplant them into their right arms. The small soldiers among them can't endure this power and die almost instantly.[10]

Some of them have parts of their bodies turned to stone as a side effect of the black energy, and are so dependent on it that they can't stray far from the source.[11]


The Helms are found in two areas. Helms Post, both on the outside and the inside, and the Mediah Northern Highlands (next to the node manager).

Tribes & Groups

Helm tribe


It's possible that Dorin Morgrim (not in the game) and Barattan Lancer are meant to be the same person:

  • Both were betrayed (Morgrim) or exploited (Lancer) by Mevo Muranan.[12]
  • Morgrim is said to make weaponry for the Helms without an ulterior motive. Lancer makes weaponry for the Helms because he became friends with a Helm when he was young and wants the Helms and Humans to coexist.[13]

Notes & Trivia

  • Like the group's name implies, they all wear helmets.
  • While the entry about them in the official wiki says they're dwarves, an entry in the game says there's a lot of dwarves in their ranks,[14] and the different types of Helms are shown to be of different sizes and height.


  3. Possibly not canon, from the outdated official wiki.
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