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This page is for the NPC. See Hans (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

A Vigilante stationed at the town entrance of Velia. Hans guides visiting adventurers, but he also prevents suspicious strangers from entering the town.

He says he volunteers because he has no job and nothing better to do with his time.[1][2]

Quests given[]

Name Conditions
Humpback Whale Hunt Level 20, Hunting Apprentice (10), and have completed Starting Point.[3]
In Search of Freshwater Crocodiles... Level 25, Hunting Skilled (5), and have completed Humpback Whale Hunt.[4]
Blue Whale I Level 30, Hunting Skilled (10), and have completed In Search of Freshwater Crocodiles...[5]
Blue Whale II Level 34, Hunting Professional (4), and have completed Blue Whale I.[6]

Items exchanged[]

Icon Name Price Conditions
EXP Increase icon
EXP Increase Ham Sandwich icon Ham Sandwich Exchangeable during Memory in Your Hands#3.[7]
Silver coins icon
2,500 Silver Coins Goblin's Token icon 10 Goblin's Token None.[8]
Silver coins icon
10,000 Silver Coins Goblin's Token icon 40 Goblin's Token None.[9]

Knowledge given[]

Icon Name Knowledge category How to obtain
Hans icon
Hans Residents of Velia Talk to Hans for the first time.[10]


Hans is an item in Black Desert Online.


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