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A guild is a group of player that can benefit from it.

Guild window can be opened by pressing "G".

Guild creation[]

To form a guild you can:

  1. visit the Guild Manager in a city, it will cost 100 000 silver;
  2. speak to the Guild NPC's located in major cities and promote your clan in a guild. You need enough people and 100 000 silver. After which you will then promote your clan into a full-blown guild and retain your name and ranks.

Guild disbandment[]

To disband the guild, the guild leader simply clicks the disband button from the guild management window. You can disband the guild only when there is no member.

Guild Information[]

The first data sheet is about general guild information. Here you can find general information about the guild, guild description, war status, Saying of the Day.

General information[]

In the first square, you can find information about guild name, guild master's name, scale, protection, guild points, guild mount, occupying, funds

Guild name[]

Your guild name can be up to ten characters and may not use special characters.

Guild Master's name[]

The name of the founder or the name of the player to whom the previous guild master appointed it.


This is the size of the guild. A guild can be small (from 0 players to 30 players), medium (from 31 players to 50 players), large (from 51 players to 75 players), extra large (from 76 players to 100 players).

You can upgrade your guild spending Guild Points: when you spend 2 Guild Points, your guild gains 5 slots, but that is not enough to upgrade the guild size. What matters are the effective people in the guild.

For example: if you have 35 slots and 25 players (25/35), you will have small sized guild; if you will invite other 6 players in your guild, it will automatically upgrade to the medium sized guild.

If your guild reaches the medium size, all guild members will achieve Guild Attendance Reward.


When guilds are at war, players are able to attack each other regardless of whether PvP is activated or not, except player under protection.

If you pay 3 guild points, you will unlock 1 slot up to 10 people. At every guild upgrade, you will gain slots: small size 3 spots, medium size 5 spots, large size 8 spots, extra large size 10 spots.

Guild Points[]


Guild Mount


Guild Members Status[]

Guild Mission[]

Guild Skill[]

Conquest Status[]

Guild History[]

Recruit Guild Member[]

Guild Production Information[]