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Golden Coelacanth
Golden Coelacanth
Type General
Weight 0.10 Weight
Buy price 5,000,000 Silver
Sell price 5,000,000 Silver


A golden coelacanth can only be caught on a special occasion, and the chances are extremely low. Witnessing this fish will bring you great luck. Can be sold to any NPC.[1] There is also the Golden Backpack & Golden Dagger.

How to obtain[]

The Golden Coelacanth can be dropped by the King Clam, obtained from quests, events, and boxes.



Quest Level Reward
Golden Coelacanth icon
[Event] Philaberto's Golden Antiques 1 Golden Backpack, Golden Dagger, or Golden Coelacanth
Balenosexplore 01
Returning to Igor Bartali 1 1000 Contribution EXP, Golden Dagger, choice between 50 Standardized Timber Square or 50 Pine Plywood

Obtained from[]


Item Level
Late Summer Night's Dream Box

Late Summer Night's Wish Box

Burning Gift Box

Jackpot Box

PC Cafe

Premium Burning Gift Box

(Event) Bombastic Festival Box icon
(Event) Bombastic Festival Box Any
(Event) Gift of Spirit icon
(Event) Gift of Spirit Any
(Event) Spring Rose Water icon
(Event) Spring Rose Water Any
Lavientia's Gold Diamond Ring icon
Lavientia's Gold Diamond Ring Any
Lavientia's Splendid Box icon
Lavientia's Splendid Box Any
(Event) Choco Stick Box icon
(Event) Choco Stick Box Any
(Event) Chocolate Cookie icon
(Event) Chocolate Cookie Any
(Event) Old Moon Guild Gift icon
(Event) Old Moon Guild Gift Any


Golden Coelacanth is an item in Black Desert Online.


Golden Coelacanths can only be caught on special occasions, and the chances are extremely low. Catching sight of this fish will bring you great luck.


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