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Civilized Goblin.

Goblins are one of the most numerous races in the world of Black Desert.

They appear for the most part to be of short height, around the waist of a human. They generally have green skin and a big nose. The ones that were integrated into human society tend to stay hunched and complain a lot.

Goblins are not particularly smarter than other races, but they are good at petty tricks. Some say their stuttering comes from the characteristics of their own language, while others say it's because they are commonly hired as workers in small towns and cities. Goblins who think they are being treated fairly are usually positive, but when something seems amiss they’ll point it out. Recently more and more successful Goblins can be found in the cities.[1]


It's known the ancient goblins lived in the eastern part of Balenos and Mediah. There are murals[2] depicting scenes from their past and their knowledge of the Black Stones[3] and altars where they seemed to put offerings for an unknown god.[4]

In the recent past the goblins that lived in the forests and steppes of Balenos were driven out by the imps[5] and now they roam around Cron Castle and keep their ancestral home in the Forest of Plunder where their supreme chief, Giath, resides.[6]


Goblins are usually found well integrated into human territories and states, from little villages to the greatest capitals. Specially encountered in droves all around Serendia.[7]

In the wild they live primarily in the eastern part of Balenos centered around the Forest of Plunder.

There's a goblin tribe known as the Mansha, that live in the inner forests of the Trent area. They're highly hostile.[8] From this tribe appeared Shakatu, who came to be known as a tycoon in the Kingdom of Valencia. He and his followers have their own territory and settlement in the northern canyons of the desert.

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Giath's goblins[]

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Mansha tribe[]

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Shakatu Territory[]

As workers[]

It's possible to hire and trade a goblin worker by talking to any work supervisor in the various towns of the game.

Their best stat is working speed, while they appear to not be able to work for prolonged periods because of their lack of stamina.


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Goblin is a non-player character (NPC) in Black Desert Online.


Goblins used to live in the forests and steppes of Balenos, but they were driven to the Forest of Plunder by the Imps. They now live around Cron Castle.

These green-skinned monsters live a primitive lifestyle, but since some of them have enough intelligence to communicate with Humans, they are often hired as laborers.



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