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The Giants are a race of tall human-like people. Female Giants do not exist. At birth they're like human children, and only acquire Giant characteristics when growing up.[1]


Ancient Giants were known to have helped the ancient dwarves.

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They are considered a simple people. Their destructiveness is also simple. Breaking a wall while nailing is part of the routine, so one has to be careful when dealing with them.[2]

Some Giant fighters tattoo their bodies upon becoming adults. Because this process is purposefully very painful, those with more tattoos earn more respect in their society.[3] They believe that the more flashy their tattoos, the more power from their ancestors and nature they will receive.[4]

For Giants, death is the necessary process of returning to nature. Their custom is to expose dead bodies to the open air.[5][6]


Giants are found well integrated into human lands. Their independent tribes are mainly found in two regions.

One in southeastern Calpheon in the Primal Giant Post inside the Gehaku Plains, where they're led by Chief Gehaku.

The other one, led by Tantu, lives in The Mausoleum in northern Mediah.


  • They are often compared to the Dwarfs for their strength, but Giants are much, much taller. They make fun of Dwarfs for that.[7]
  • Due to their somewhat innocently childlike personalities, they are said to make some of the most loyal friends in the world for those lucky enough to get to know them.[8]


Giant is a non-player character (NPC) in Black Desert Online.


The Giants' superior physique is threatening just to look at.
Giants in the Primitive Giant Village are so hasty that they start attacking with their fists before even thinking of taking out weapons.
Even without weapons, though, their attack is the stuff of horror stories to many soldiers and adventurers.



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