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Gathering Tools

  • Decrease gathering time.
  • Most are unrepairable.
  • Certain types of tools increase their certain type of Gathering Mastery.

How to obtain[]

  • Purchase from the Central Market
  • Bought from a Material Vendor in some towns.
  • Crafted through workers in tool workshops.


  • Fluid Collector (to gather blood from dead animals and sap from trees)
  • Lumbering Axe (to gather timber and other materials from trees)
  • Pickaxe (to gather ores, gems and other materials from rocks in the world)
  • Bottle (to gather fresh or salt water, single use item)
  • Tanning Knife (to gather hides and feathers from dead animals, mistranslated)
  • Butchering Knife (to gather meat from dead animals)
  • Hoe (to gather herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and other materials from all kinds of plantlife and mushrooms. Higher yield and chance to obtain a product than using bare hands)