Gathering Tools come in different tiers depending what material they are crafted from. The tier decides how long it takes to gather with the tool and the times the tool can be used before it breaks apart as tools have a durability value. They cannot be repaired.[1]

How to obtain

  • Crafted through workers in tool workshops.
  • Bought from the Material Vendor in some towns.
  • Obtained as reward from quests.
  • Obtained by fulfilling certain achievements.
  • Obtained as part of the game with the higher priced game pack.


  • Fluid Collector (to gather blood from dead animals and sap from trees)
  • Lumbering Axe (to gather timber and other materials from trees)
  • Pickaxe (to gather ores, gems and other materials from rocks in the world)
  • Bottle (to gather fresh or salt water, single use item)
  • Tanning Knife (to gather hides and feathers from dead animals, mistranslated)
  • Butchering Knife (to gather meat from dead animals)
  • Hoe (to gather herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and other materials from all kinds of plantlife and mushrooms. Higher yield and chance to obtain a product than using bare hands)


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