A big part of the housing system in BDO is owning a residence and decorating it with all kinds of furniture, decorative ornaments, customizing floor and wallpaper or workbenches for crafting at home.

There is a large number of furniture and BDO fashion has collected them with pictures.

Interior Points & Ranking

Furniture and decoration both provide interior points increasing the value of your apartment or house. This gives you a rank among everyone that owns the same apartment/house. If you stand outside of it in front of the door and choose the "visit" option it will show you the ranked list of apartments based on their furniture/decoration point total.


Some furniture is craftable by players via their workers in houses designated as furniture workshops. Other furniture is only available through the Pearl Shop. A few pieces are available from Furniture Vendors in larger towns too. On the marketplace furniture can be traded too - but they can be items from a Furniture Vendor just resold with sometimes high mark-up!

Other, more exotic sources are fishing (!) or farming (someone reported obtaining a "tulip lamp" in closed beta via farming).

Placement Mode

When inside your residence you can enter the Placement Mode to start placing items you have in your inventory. Or - if you own pearl - you can use them to buy from the available furniture from the pearl shop. Placing furniture is quite self-explanatory except that for light sources you have to click before the "submit" downward pointing arrow appears. As long as an item has a blue aura it can be placed where you move it. Most items must be on the ground and can not be stacked on others so creativity is a bit limited.


Some furniture has purely optical value but others are functional. The latter then tend to have a limited durability that decreases with every use. Currently it seems every item can be used 30 times. If the number of uses drops to zero the furniture remains but is now purely optical/adding only to the apartment/house decorative value.

  1. Beds allow one to lay down and sleep and while a character sleeps (and is online, the player can be afk) the regeneration of energy is increased. Instead of regaining 1 energy per 3 minutes one regains 2 (crafted) or 3 (Pearl Shop) energy per 3 minutes.
  2. Sofas give you a 2 hours HP recovery buff +3.
  3. Chandeliers provide light - it can be really dark inside if you don't carry a functional lamp otherwise.
  4. Dining chairs provide a 2 hour MP recovery buff +2.
  5. Dining tables (but not other tables) provide a 2 hour Gathering speed +1 buff.
  6. Drawer provide a buff for 2 hours for Luck +1.
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