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Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog
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Region Calpheon
Location Hexe Sanctuary
Location on map:
Level 54
Health 19,948
Defense (DP) 500
Damage reduction 45
Evasion 455
Rewards when killed
XP 2,615,052
Skill XP 261,191
Karma 90
Knowledge unlock chance 2.50%

This page is for the Mob. See Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

The skeleton of a guard wolf, risen from the grave by unknown forces. Rotting skin still hangs from its bones and smells rancid.[1]


Item Drop chance
Mark of Frenzy icon
Mark of Frenzy 80%
Trace of Death icon
Trace of Death 1~2x 0.15%


Frenzied Skeleton Watchdog is an item in Black Desert Online.


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