Fogan family

Fogan family.

The Fogans are a race of bipedal frog-like humanoids that live in humid environment. They have a long enmity with the Nagas.


The race hailed from a jungle in the distant lands of Valencia, but, as with the rest of the world, the catastrophe of the year 264 wasn't kind to Fogans. The desertification of their ancestral home forced them to a great migration across the land. In the way they encountered and confronted many tribes, and as a result of that they became more ferocious and hostile.

Finally they reached a place that resembled their jungle. A southern valley inhabitated by Nagas. The Fogans warred against them and took the area for themselves. They named it Titium Valley in honor of their great chief, Titium.

But soon after the tribe saw that the desertification was beginning to affect Titium Valley too and food shortages became common. A great portion of the tribe decided to leave once again in search of a new home.

After months, maybe years, of travelling across all kinds of lands, Titium and the tribe found a new ideal home not affected by desertification. The southern swamps of Serendia. There was only one problem. The Nagas had arrived earlier, and the Fogan prince decided once again to wage war on them. Their fated conflict remain ongoing to this day.[1]


Fogans need humid environments to live. Jungles and swamps seem to be their ideal habitat. It's no surprise they're found in the only semi jungle left in Valencian territory, the Titium Valley, and the large swamps of Serendia.

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