Flower Blooming in Ruins
Emma Bartali icon
Group Emma's Nightmare
Type Story
Level 50
Region Eastern Balenos
Next quest in the chain Nightmare Revealed
Start NPC Emma Bartali
End NPC Emma Bartali
Requirements Only available at night
Completed Curse Runs in the Bartali House


Since you'll need something to draw the ghost's attention to before talking to it, Emma asked you to bring her a wild flower from the ruins.[1]

Quest text


I haven't seen Lara for a while. Is that what she said? I see. The ghost of Bartali III... How strange. I know that all the ancestors in my family are housed in Velia Ossuary, but I have no idea why his ghost appears at that place. I've been having nightmares about ghosts lately, but it's not in the shape of a human. But... Maybe my nightmare has something to do with the ancestor's ghost. I remember my father telling me about a cave near Cron Castle when I was young. Perhaps that's where we need to go. But first, you'll need something to draw the ghost's attention if you want to have a serious talk with it. Oh... Right. That's it. There's a wildflower which blooms only at night on Ehwaz Hill. It contains a human soul, according to the legend. I'm sure the ghost in my dream will react to it, too. I'll be waiting for you at the foot of the hill near Cron Castle.

It must have something to do with my dream. Oh, don't forget the lantern. You're going into a cave.


Meet NPC:



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