Filly Eileen
Eileen icon
Type Black Spirit
Level 1
Region All
Previous quest in the chain Velia, a Rookie's Haven
Next quest in the chain Skill Instructor in Velia
Start NPC Alustin
End NPC Eileen
Requirements Completed Velia, a Rookie's Haven


You can take some good rest in Velia, according to Alustin. He told you to meet his daughter Eileen.

Go meet Eileen.[1]

Quest text


You have a lot of things to do ahead. It will be a long journey. The journey will be accompanied by much hardship, of course, but I'm sure you will be assisted by that special power of yours. Then, how about taking a tour of this town? You'd better visit a general store first. You could go to my daughter's shop, if you like. My daughter Eileen is still sort of a filly, but she's a good girl.

Find Eileen.


Meet NPC:



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