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A field boss is a high level boss designed to be fought by a large number of players. They have a fixed spawn location but function with a timer schedule. The current field bosses in the game are Red Nose, Dim Tree Spirit, Dastard Bheg, Mudster and Katzvariak.

Red Nose, Dim Tree Spirit and Dastard Bheg have a chance to drop their respective yellow grade armor.

Red Nose[]

Red Nose spawns north of the Western Guard Camp in central Balenos. He drops Red Nose's Armor.

Dim Tree Spirit[]

The Dim Tree Spirit spawns inside the Forest of Seclusion to the southeast of the Western Guard Camp. It drops Dim Tree Spirit's Armor.

Dastard Bheg[]

Dastard Bheg spawns between two swamps immediately south of the node manager of Northern Plain of Serendia to the west of Heidel City. He drops Bheg's Gloves.

Giant Mudster[]

The Giant Mudster spawns south of Heidel City to the east of the Central Guard Camp, west of Eastern Gateway. It does not have a yellow grade equipment armor associated with him.


Katzvariak spawns north of Tshira Ruins in Drieghan. Katzvariak randomly appears within ten servers (except Olvia and Arsha) and disappears if there is no battle for 2 hours after its appearance. It does not have a yellow grade equipment armor associated with him.