Crop information

Fertility of a Garden ("Fertil.") at 0%.

Fertility depicts the level of nutrition in the soil available for crops to grow. This value matters for Farming.

It is depicted when going into place mode of a fence one owns and trying to plant a seed or when one shows the crop information of a seed which does not need attention (pruning, killing insects etc).

The value can be increased by dropping fertilizer on fences one has planted into the world.

  • Inorganic fertilizer fills the bar 50%
  • Fertilizer Byproduct fills the bar 65%
  • Organic Fertilizer roughly 85%

It does not matter what type of fertilizer is used in terms of growth speed increase, they only last for different periods. Adding Fertilizer Byproduct for example can shorten the duration until the crop can be harvested by 20%.

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