Fences are items you can place in the world in most area similar to staking a claim. The land inside the fence is reserved for you for farming. Fences remain in the world for 6 or 7 days if the expiration is not renewed by using them.

Most fences are rented from NPC for contribution points (CP) but Jemkas in Northern Guard Camp gives you a Shabby Fence for free as quest reward once you hit Gathering: beginner (6) or finished the "Go to the Northern Heidel Quarry" quest. Fences rented for contribution points can be given back at any NPC who rents them it seems. Jemkas Fence is owned and every character of a family can obtain another of those shabby ones.


You can place as many fences as you want. Fences are family owned, so every family member can use them.

Worker can be assigned to fences to tend them (prune, kill bugs) until their action points are depleted. To assign a worker click at the farm symbol on the top left in your main screen. Worker do not harvest for you and they will not gain you any experience. Worker are more efficient if they live close to a fence but nodes do not need to be connected for a worker to reach the fence and work there. Worker do obtain resources while pruning (spirit leaf etc) and will store them in the warehouse - which means you should ensure that you have enough free slots for storage.

Fences are not contested, which means you can place them on top of other players fences, the first will then simply become invisible for you.

Fence types

Fences have a limited number of spots you can grow a seed in. Scarecrows and waterways take slots up too. So while Strong Fences need more CP, they offer protection of more crops for one scarecrow and waterway

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