Equipment are those items that can be equipped and not consumed. You can check them in the western side of your inventory by pressing "I" in your keyboard.


Equipment is a crucial part to leveling progression in game that directly impacts your defense, endurance, speed and dodge.


Armor in Black Desert is not class specific and can be shared and used by all classes interchangeably. This means your best in slot armor for your level 50 wizard can be traded via the warehouse to your level one giant, which in turn makes leveling alts very easy.


All Weapons (primary, secondary and awakening) are class specific (aside from a few that are interchangeable).


Necklaces, earrings, rings and belts.


Weapons, Helmets, Chest Pieces, Gloves, Boots as well as accessories have durability that decrease over usage. When durability decreases players will notice a visible change in the items appearance, becoming more ragged and broken as durability reaches 0. When durability reaches 0 the item is no longer usable and will need to be repaired.

You can repair your items at blacksmiths for silver.

Special Equipment

Certain equipment will offer special bonuses to professions such as cooking, fishing and gathering. Equipment can have set bonuses when you equip all the pieces that provide bonuses to attack speed, HP and movement speed. Certain equipment will be better suited to certain classes so you must decide wisely which is best suited to your class and playstyle.

Gathering Tools

Main article: Gathering Tool
Pickaxes, Lumbering Axes, Fluid Collectors, Hoes, Butcher knives and Skinning knives are all gathering tools that can be equipped as needed. These tools can be bought in various qualities, the higher the quality the more effective they become.

You can also equip a lantern in the tool section. Lanterns provide light when it is dark outside and have a time limit of fuel (can be refilled) in addition to durability.[1]


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