Not to be confused with Demibeast, a race with its name also used as a concept/type of Demihuman in this page.

The term Demihuman refers to all the usually bipedal and/or humanoid intelligent races that inhabit the world and aren't one of the "pure/human" races.[1]

Examples of races included in this term are: Fogans, Rhutums, Goblins, Bashims, among many others. Check beneath for a full list.


In the game one of the labels a mob can have is the Demihuman one (icon of an orc head). The others are Human (icon of a hooded head) and Monster/Beast (icon of a deer head).


Demibeasts are those Demihumans that are labeled as such by the developers. They need to have traits of an animal. Some of the races with such traits are labeled as Demibeasts, but not all.

Races currently referred to as Demibeasts include: Bashims, Manes, Centaurus, Faduses and Demibeasts. Possibly others.

Korean names

In Korean the names for Human, Demihuman and Demibeast have different connotations.

  • Demihuman: "아인" or "Ain". Translates to "has the traits of a person, but isn't a person". Very wide-spanning word in Korean but used in Black Desert to denote all humanoid races that aren't in the "human" category. In other words, non-human persons.
  • Demibeast: "수인" or "Su-In". Translates roughly to "a mixture of a human and animal". A walking dog, a centaur, a mermaid, etc. all count as su-in.
  • Human: "인간" or "Ingan". Translates to "human". Curiously Black Desert uses this label not only for the race of Humans, but also for others like Elves, Dwarves or Giants. Maybe Shai too.[2]

List of Demihuman races


  2. Page done with help from Maev of the BDRP community.
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