Delphe Knights Castle
Delphe Knights Castle
Node type Gateway
Node manager Margaret
Region Calpheon
Required contribution points 3
Location on world map:
Northern Calpheon Delphe Knights Castle

A castle protected by the Delphe Knights. It was a crucial strategic location during the war between the two realms, but now it is used as a gateway to connect Calpheon with Serendia.

The castle also serves to protect Calpheon from such potential threats as Karanda Ridge’s Harpies, the Khurutos near Calpheon, and even Serendia in the event another war breaks out. Recent Harpy attacks have stirred up chaos here.[1]

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's


  • Brego Williar <Delphe Knights Captain>
  • Margaret <Delphe Knights Master> (Node Manager and Skill instructor)

Trade & Imperial

  • Granbill <Delphe Knights Quartermaster> (Trade Manager and repair)


  • Jeron <Delphe Knights Tactician> (General Goods)

Quest-only NPC


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