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The Delphe Knights are a religious military order of the Republic of Calpheon.

Brego Williar was a member of the order of the Ceric Knights during the third Valencian Expedition. After the expedition failed dismally the order seemed to have been disbanded, but Bregor didn't want to let those traditions die. He found a way of preserving the creeds of the order thanks to the High Priest of Elionism, Lehard Motenon. Together they reinstituted the order as a religious group of knights with backing from the Elionian Church.[1]

They're continuously funded by the High Priest of Elionism, who believes that strengthening the order's influence is the way to empower Calpheon.[2]

It seems they're tasked with guarding the eastern frontier of Calpheon proper. Their base of operations is the Delphe Knights Castle on the border with Serendia and they have an outpost to the north. They're currently under threat by the harpies from the mountains and the army of Khurutos from Old Dandelion.


  • Brego Williar, Supreme Commander of the Delphe Knights.
  • Margaret, Delphe Knights Master. Holds the rank of Deputy Captain.
  • Elgriffin, Commander of Delphe Outpost. Holds the rank of Deputy Captain.


  • Even if the order is religious in nature, the Church has sent a priest to folster faith in Elion among the members.[3]
  • They're said to be on par with the Trina Knights.[4]